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Do you love reading books and learning about Islamic history, education, kid's stories, world current affairs, scholarship and many more? If so, you might want to check out, a website that offers free access to hundreds of books and blog posts on these topics. is a project of Kalim Ahmad, a passionate writer and researcher who wants to share his knowledge and insights with the world. He spends hours every day uploading books and writing blog posts on various subjects related to Islam and the Muslim world. He also provides useful resources and tips for students who want to pursue higher education or scholarships.

However, running a website like this is not easy or cheap. Kalim Ahmad needs your support and donation to keep his website running and updated. Your donation will help him pay for the hosting, domain, maintenance, and security of his website. It will also enable him to acquire more books and materials for his research and writing.

By donating to, you are not only helping Kalim Ahmad, but also yourself and the Muslim community. You are helping yourself by gaining access to valuable information and knowledge that can enrich your mind and soul. You are helping the Muslim community by spreading awareness and education about Islam and its history, culture, values, and challenges.

                 Jazakallahu Khairan for your generosity and may Allah bless you. 


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